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To-do list: Animefest




I've been getting a ton of cleaning done lately, though. The counter and Matt's computer desk look better than they have in months. The the case of Matt's computer desk.. maybe years. I found the official notice he gave for moving out of the old apartments (when we moved into the house)... So that's pretty special. August 2000... and much of the other paperwork there is from 2000 too. Haaah. I shredded so much old stuff yesterday! It'll have to wait another week to get into the can. I have a few other ideas for massive cleaning projects, but I really need to work on this costume. I pretty much have one month now.
It's scary, considering I took somewhere between 4-6 to finish Gogo.

I'd thought about putting more beaded embroidery on Tellah, but I just don't think I'll have the time now. I wanted to put a ton of tiny little white beaded stars inside the jacket lining. I don't have the jacket pattern, though, since I don't have my jacket fabric made. I could probably just draft the pattern out of the lining, baste it together to make sure it works, and then get working on the embroidery... But I'd really rather cut it all out at once.

This means I need to work on the fabric for the jacket itself. I don't have enough purple, and I was waiting on some remnants before I went out and bought anything, so blah.

The only other thing I would work on that I'm not waiting on fabric for are the shoes and shirt. I'd have to go out and buy fabric for the shirt, and figure out WTF kind of pattern I want. I should probably start on the shoes, though, since that doesn't involve going out to the fabric store.

The shirt.. It's only a problem because I can't figure out if I want to make poofy sleeves or not. In the reference art, SOMTHING looks poofy, but I can't tell if it's just the jacket, or both the jacket and the shirt. The shirt SEEMS like it should have poofy sleeves.. like Gogo! On the other hand, the jacket seems pretty poofy itself, and putting poofy sleeves under a poofy jacket would help the volume of the sleeve, I guess.
It would also be pretty hot.

I'm thinking about making a long sleeved shirt regardless, though. I don't really need to, since the shirt is going in the jacket. It's kind of a problem, since I usuall think of the costumes as "What does this person's clothing look like, and what are they wearing regularly? I don't always think of "Since this is a costume, and the jacket isn't coming off, do I need sleeves?"

For heat/comfort, I probably shouldn't even bother with sleeves at all, and just make the top sleeveless. It would take less fabric and be cheaper. The costume would feel kind of cheap to me if I cut a corner that big, though. I plan on making the shirt out of a satin brocade, so while I don't have to, I'm probably going to line the thing anyway. And it does need a fold-down collar. I hate doing those. They are so hard for me.

The sleeves I was thinking about making would be long, straight sleeves with a very very slight bell opening at the end, and a slit at the wrist. It'd give the look of having a completely straight sleeve, I wouldn't have to put elastic/wristband/buttons/etc at the wrist, and it would be comfortable.. but hot? Blah. I really don't have enough time to think about it. I just need to do it.

I guess I'll just remake the shoes this weekend and worry about buying fabric after I've had a shower.


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