HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

I broke all my sewing needles T..T

I'm going to have to go out today and get some more. I decided to use some of the fabric from Tellah to work on a craft project.

Way back in January, I posted a meme. Anyone who replied to it was promised somthing awesome handmade by me. ONLY ONE PERSON REPLIED, so the rest of you guys arn't getting anything. Suckers!

My grandma replied, so I'm making her handmade craft item now :)

I wanted it to be extra durable, though, so I backed my fashion fabric with a heavy cotton bottomweight, and after pleating and hemming, it was just too much for regular sewing needles. I couldn't find anything thicker like a denim needle in my sewing drawer, so I decided I'd just be careful...

I ended up snapping 3 more! Whoops!

So, today, I've got to go buy a few packs of sewing needles and an embroidery hoop, or I'll never get this done.

>..> I'll post pictures later in a locked entry, so she can't see until she gets it. hahaha


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