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20 July 2009 @ 07:15 pm
I got to see the new Harry Potter today!  
I know everyone is like "WTF took you so long" but we didn't want to see it in a packed theatre on opening weekend.

Lately I just haven't wanted to go to the theatre at all, though. The one closest to us is a Starplex, and they've been sliding downhill ever since they opened. Some things they do are kind of backwards, but I don't hold it against them. I can understand the reasons why they might sometimes make you purchase tickets inside instead of at the booth. It's kind of ghetto, but it's probably a revenue issue. If they arn't making enough to hire someone to sit in the booth, someone's gotta do two jobs at once. It sucks, but hey.. It's understandable at least.

What I am less forgiving about are projection booth and lighting errors. Normally, you have house lights on between showings, dimmed during commercials/opening trailers, and off during the feature. House lights usually come up dimmed or on about the time the end credits start.

When you watch a movie, it OUGHT to be centered on the screen in front of it.

The past half-dozen or so times I've gone, though, that's never been the case.
We've been going less and less because it seems like the house lights are always on until like halfway through the movie, and the feature itself is always kind of off-kilter, with much of the movie playing on the walls around the screen or the floor, or the ceiling, or a little bit of both.

It's so annoying, I almost feel old enough and crotchety enough to write an angry email telling them why business at that theatre has been sucking it up. No one wants to pay to watch a movie off the floor with the lights on XP

Anyway.. Harry Potter.. yay. they cut out like 200 pages of teenage angst, drama, and whining, and I couldn't be happier. Things really started sliding downhill for me in Order of the Phoenix. It just didn't seem like the books were "as good" starting then... and it was especially noticable to me with Half Blood Prince. I mean, I shouldn't be getting agitated forcing myself to read the damned thing because I'm tired of reading about them bicker for chapter after chapter. (Talk about forcing yourself to read somthing.. I'm really looking forward to them cutting out about 600 pages of being lost in a tent in the woods and bickering in the last book)

I always hated Harry x Ginny, so I personally didn't think there was too little going on there. They showed way more than I was interested in anyway. I wish they'd have shown more "Everybody beats up Draco and his family" because that's always fun to watch :X

Above all, I'm just happy the lion hat was there :X

Because I know I'm missing stuff (especially chapters and chapters of Snape flashbacks), I was ALMOST considering re-reading Half Blood Prince.. but goddamn if I can't handle all that bickering, fighting, and overall teenage angst.
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fennelwink: Harry Potter/Doctor Whofennelwink on July 21st, 2009 03:50 am (UTC)
I kept wondering to myself, was this the book that Harry spent in pretty much perpetual teenage wangst mode throughout the entire year? I guess it was.

I wanted the lion hat to roar :( But it was there, so whee!

Oddly enough, I missed seeing Moaning Myrtle. I'm not surprised she wasn't there, as I'm sure the actress has aged and ghosts don't. Still, it proves Draco's a cry-baby, so I like it :)
HIDE your facekyonomiko on July 21st, 2009 07:00 am (UTC)
Yeah... Matt stopped reading them after Goblet of Fire, so after we left there, I kept asking "Wasn't Moaning Myrtle supposed to be in this one?!?" But he couldn't help :P

The actress that plays her was like 30somthing when she first did it, so I'm sure she doesn't look too different. They probably either cut her due to time, or decided to lump her screen time in with the horcrux stuff in the next movie I guess.

I was waiting for the Lion hat to roar too. I thought maybe I heard one in the background sound effects, but I was just excited it had so much screen time. I kind of want to make one now D:
fennelwink: Harry Potter/Doctor Whofennelwink on July 22nd, 2009 06:25 am (UTC)
OMG, I had completely forgotten that about the actress that played Moaning Myrtle! I bet she could have done it then. I bet they just cut it because it's so minor. They cut plenty of stuff that wasn't, so no surprise.

Lion hat rocks. It was so cool to see it in real life :p At least the eyes moved.