HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

So... weights

I'm still keeping with my weight program. I have a feeling that I may not be progressing as much as I could due to lack of partner, though. I don't have someone to push me when I think I can't lift anymore, so while I am still adding weight, it's very slow.

I've noticed much more progression on my military press now that I have the machine to help with pull-ups, though. I'm slowly developing the upper body strength I should have been working on months ago.

Deadlift: 138 (Ran out of weights. On bad days, 138 still makes me feel like puking, but I think I could put another 10 lbs on)
Military Press: 40.. ish.. wimpy wimpy wimpy!
Bent-over row: 60 ish
Pull ups: Still can't do full body weight yet. Up to around 80ish I think? I get confused with the kilo markings sometimes and I'd have to go look at the machine
Bench Press: About the same as the pull up. I'm using the same ammount of weights on both
Squats: Unknown. I'm pulling 50 on my own, but I know i could do more if I had someone to help load me down. I don't have a squat rack. I'm just doing what I can, though.

Those numbers have gone up from when I first started, especially the deadlift. I'm not sure they're progressing as quickly as they should, but then again, I'm also not a guy, nor taking steroids.

Today was another bad food day, but I at least made it past lunch before everything went to hell, and that's progress. I need to get back into losing instead of maintaining with poor diet. I may think about adding in 2-3 days of 20 min cardio on the bike, but it's really hard for me to get motivated. I'm trying not to rest on my laurels and keep pushing, but all it took was a week of poor diet to throw me off, and I've been struggling to get it back on track for like a month now. It's frustrating, because I know if I don't get it back where it needs to be soon, I'm going to be gaining back. blaaaahhh.

Anyway, you guys were long overdue for some diet/exercise whining :P
Tags: diet, weight lifting, weight loss


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