HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

It's summer, in Texas, and it's fucking hot

I think our AC froze up trying to keep up with the spiking temp. We raised the internal temp of the house from 72 to 80, and it's still running constantly trying to keep up. I don't really have the option of turning it off completely for a few more hours. Matt needs to be able to get all the sleep he can. I can deal with the heat in the evening, when it cools off a little more. I'll turn the AC off and let it thaw and dry out overnight, and it should be find again during the day.

If not, we're going to have to call a tech again. It would be a huge dissappointment considering we called them in March for the funny noises it was making (they said there was no problem)... and again in April for that blown fan motor. (which was causing the funny noises)

But hey! Now I know that when fan motors go on outdoor AC units, they sounds just like dying computer fans, but louder.

Hopefully, just letting it rest tonight will do it. I'm not sure how to make the fan go without running heat or air, though. One of the sites I was looking at suggested after letting it thaw, to run the fan without the coils so everything in there dries off. High humidity causes more condensation and a faster freeze-up, so if all that moisture is still down in there, it's just going to freeze up again right away. I'll also have to check the air filters. It's probably about time to change the front one again.

ughh.. it's so hot and gross. I hate this weather. I want it to be October already.


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