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So, next month...

We went out to that amazing steakhouse with the silly mural earlier this week. Matt told me to remember it, since it was my birthday present :P I knew he was just joking, but he IS working on my birthday this year, which is kind of a bummer. I told him that he could consider taking me up to Plano to visit Tania for 4th of July my present, since it's close enough :P

I was SOOOO close to getting him to agree to go visit his parents on his next week off and take care of step 1 in the passport process, but then we remembered it was the 4th of July weekend, and we had other plans :P Maybe later next month.

While we're up there, we're going to do all sorts of retarded things including but not limited to a very silly video gaming convention at the DFW hotel. I was going to use it as an excuse to finish my Arche costume, but due to other influential factors, it looks like I'm dragging Gogo out of the closet for the first time in like 5 years. I know everything fits, because it was all made super-oversized. I was kind of going for paunchy rich oil-baron with a side of exploded textile factory on the side. I may consider actually sewing real honest-to-goodness buttons on the vest, and maybe even taking it apart and sizing it down, though. I was always a little unhappy about how baggy the vest turned out. I also can't believe I lined the goddamn thing, sewed it like a real garment, and then never put buttons or buttonholes in. I have so many fruity buttons I could use, too!

The only other thing that's looking really rough on the costume are the shoes. I have these great cheapo white flats that I used for the base. I got them on clearance or freind's discount or somthing wacky like that when Shampooza was working at a department store. The part that is the most hilarious about these flats is the fact that the labels in the inside of the shoes don't match, but they are the same size, color, and style from the same manufacterer. I have no idea why one has a sewn-in label and the other has it printed on the inside, but it adds to the hilarity of the costume.

I really SHOULD rip off the fabric and foam and re-make the shoes, though. I know how I would make better curly-toed shoes now. I'm not sure if I want to spend the time doing too much more work on a costume I probably won't be wearing much more. If Tania decides the one she is working on is her new favorite and she'll wear it everywhere, I guess Gogo will get a lot more use.

Part of me thinks she's doing this on purpose to keep me from selling it, though :P Then again, if I want to sell it, the extra work on the costume will make me less embarassed of it when it's time to put it up on cosplay.com.

I don't know if I have any more of this wacky red brocade or the gold trim I used, though. I really love the materials that went into these shoes, and there isn't any way to salvage what's on there now. That's really the only thing holding me back. I know I still have more of the gold, but I don't think I have mor eof the red or the gold trim. If I knew that I could remake them exactly, (but better- and with bells on the toes like I wanted from the beginning) then I'd probably spend some extra time working on them.

At any rate...

It's become painfully obvious to me that I didn't get nearly as many Gogo photos as I wanted, since there's only a handful of stellar ones on the website, so I'm hoping to get a few good ones as this costume's last hurrah. I probably SHOULD work on it some more. Remember when I wanted to make that large feathered hearldic-styled chocobo on the backpiece? Oh the things that never happened with this costume...

>..> I can still do somthing whacky with Tellah. Is this a great wig or what?
Tags: cosplay, crafts, final fantasy vi, gogo, sewing


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