HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Minor life update

I've started sliding backwards on the scale again. The good kind, not the "oh crap, I'm gaining weight" kind. The damage from A-kon is undone and in a week or two I should feel way better about the way things are going. I'm still struggling with food, but it's nothing a giant watermelon hasn't been able to fix. (I blame my brother for sticking me with this much watermelon, but it's sooo gooood)

I'm getting really frustrated with my landscapers. I hate feeling like a total bitch, but I'm going to have to call them and yell at them again soon. I've given them 3 months to get shit in order, and the only thing that's going the way it should is the mowing part of the service. They come every other weds, like clockwork. I call every so often to remind them that they broke my deck and didn't finish the work they were supposed to do. They promise to make it out that very week, and I call a week later when they don't. Now I'm just going to bitch them out. I really hate feeling like I'm the bad guy here when they're clearly not delivering. I also wish I wasn't the one that has to call, but Matt won't do it. I'm also afraid this will end up in me firing their asses, or having to threaten to take them to court to get shit done. I don't want to do that either -..- I just want my deck fixed and the groundcover put down by it. They did all the other stuff already.

I'm having trouble beating Tales of the World on PsP. I keep swapping jobs and running around in the dungeons farming crafting materials and farting around instead of actually beating the last guy. I went down in there once with some random Tales character party that was really underleveled, and we got Widdershins down to like 25% HP. Then he did some big explody attack, and only my main character survived. I should go back with a group that's actually around 50 or so instead of like lvl 25. Oops.

Ugh.. this lawn shit has had me continually stressed out. Plus, I'm starting to feel like they're deliberately sending the one guy who doesn't speak a lot of English so that I can't get answers out of him. I felt horrible today that I couldn't understand WTF he was saying. His accent was so thick, and he was speaking so quickly.. I asked him to repeat himself, and after I didn't understand it the second time, he looked kind of annoyed and I felt stupid. Ugghhh I don't want to deal with having to call and yell at them :(


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