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The next week found all my hard work undone D:

So.. the day after I spent the entire day cleaning the dining room, I got a call from my dad saying that if I still wanted it, he'd bring up the home gym right away. Of course, I still wanted it. But this meant that I had to clean out a corner for the gym set.

Now it doesn't look like I made a dent in cleaning that back area at all!! :(

I had to move costume peices, my patterns, pretty much all the crap up against the wall, etc away... onto the kitchen table. After we moved the gym in (It really doesn't take up THAT much space) I was able to move a table and my pattern boxes back where they were. Dad hauled off our old steel bed frame, so that got some crap up off the floor.

Later that day, we went out grill hunting since the old one was becoming dangerously explosive when in the process of lighting it. We picked out a new one, and waffled over what to do with it for a while. They assembled it for free in-store, but it wouldn't fit in the car if we took them up on that, and deliver was 80 bucks! They must make some nice cash off that, seriously. Anyway.. I found out that my car is a transformer and the seats fold up and out in all sorts of ways I never knew possible. We got the grill home and spent the rest of the day assembling it... and trashing the house some more.

There was a disgusting ammount of packing with that grill, and it was all over the already-messed-up entry room.

We needed a trash run >:O

All in all, I got rid of the old TV box, all the grill packing materials, an old broken monitor, and the bedframe.

I gained: Free home gym, new grill outside

I am left with: One more old, broken monitor, child's toy crib (WTF, SRSLY), old grill, old entertainment center table thing. The old grill will be hauled off on another day, and the rest will have to wait for another magical trash run.

End result:

After two solid days of cleaning (one pre-family visit, one after) the house looks... about the same :/ Man.. I was really getting excited about getting ahead of the clutter there for a few hours.


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