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Huzzah to spendng money! Well, not really... I'm afraid that my recent discovery is going to sap the majority of my A-kon cash. While I was thinking about emailing my parents and asking for some cash, Akuma Shinzo, my voice of reason, said that it wouldn't be a good idea b/c it wasn't about school. Now.. I can't.. not because he disapproves, but because I see his point, and I know my familiy situation, and I'd feel guilty. He said he'd take care of things. Not that it makes me feel any better, though... I mean.. I love the fact that he's so kind and he showers me with gifts, but I feel so inadequate becasue I can't pay him back. That, and when I do have the $$ on me to pay him back.. he doesn't take it :P In any case.. Mako-chan.. please justify my spending $$!! Please tell me that the 30.00 I shelled out for a Tenshi ni Narumon Raphael cel is worth it.. :;snifflle:; A bit impulsive, really.. but I knew I had to act fast >..< It's a small cel and I probably shouldn't have.. but will my impulsive dream to own one cel of every character from this series have been successful if I didn't jump on a cel of this character when I have the chance?


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