HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

So, I went shopping today... new shoes!

My mission today was to find some sort of interesting/convenient/non-lethal container to put the cat's toys in. It needed to be low, so that he could get into it without making a mess. It had to look good on the floor in the living room. It needed to be somewhat durable, and relatively inexpensive. I really wanted to find some sort of quirky cute thing, but I ended up with a cloth-lined wicker basket that will do the trick. It fits perfectly in the space I wanted to put it, and it does everything I need it to do.

Unfortunately, I walked out with a lot more other crap, too XD
I picked up a table runner for the dining room table (didn't have one), a set of attractive coasters for the living room (didn't have coasters, period), and... shoes D:

I was looking for replacement sandals for my 10 year old "everything" sandals. Everyone who knows me has seen these things. They're simple thong flipflops with a large foam platform base and a woven bamboo foot bed. I've worn them with various costumes, out of state, across town... pretty much anywhere. I am not a big sock/shoe person. I love sandals, and I love comfortable flipflops. I've worn these so much I'm surprised they still have a platform on them. They haven't fallen apart yet, but through the years I've looked for replacements.

I bought a very nice pair from target that was very similar, except the foot bed was woven cork. They were quite possibly even more comfortable than the bamboo ones.
Beth's cats ate them, and within a month of purchase, one of the straps fell out.

Today I found some more foam platform ones with just a foam foot bed and some woven straps. They felt pretty good in the store, and they were cheap. yay. I'm not throwing the bamboo ones out until they fall apart, srsly. They are so great. But now I have some that I hope will hold up and be a suitable replacement.

While I was looking around, I found a pair of sandals that were calling to me. I knew I couldn't live without them, but the price! argh. I was really ambivalent about spending as much on these sandals as I did, but they are super comfortable, and I'm in love with the design. I feel like a consumer whore for shelling out some extra cash for semi-designer shoes (Marc Ecko.. it's no Armani, but you get the idea...)

Tania says these sandals are "hilarious." I love them D:


I took a photo without flash so you could see the gold-colored paint they put in the cracks of the cork. These shoes are fabulous! And comfy! And fabulous!



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