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This costume has me stumped. I'm so frustrated right now because it seems like all the things I've tried are not working. I'm not really sure what to do now, and I can't wear that blue wig as is. I need to get everything done by tomorrow afternoon, and I totally have cosplayer's block while trying to think of ways to sculpt the peices I need in ways that will work with limited materials :/

The two things I'm stuck on are the black facial markings and the pharoh's beard on the Mayuri costume. The beard& bump on the top of the head have had me stumped for a while now. I've tried making it out of molded craft foam (didn't work) and making it out of paperclay (both a little heavier and more fragile than I wanted). I was also having a little trouble getting the paperclay to do what I wanted, but no more so than the craft foam. I decided to try making the peices out of craft foam again, but with separate pieces, but haven't gotten around to finishing it yet. I don't feel good about it XP

For the mask, I decided to go with another white cowl like the last time, but this one is proving to be a lot more complicated, since it has hand-hemmed eye, mouth, and nose holes. I think the mouth hole may not be long enough for an evil smile, so I'll probably have to re-do it. That's not really such a big deal, but the markings are too complex for craft foam to work well. I've cut the shape out of craft foam, but the space between the nose slot and the eyes is so narrow, it's hard to get it stabilized. Not to mention the fact that it could possibly be way too thick for the wig to fit properly with a layer of craft foam on top of my wig caps.

I bought some black spandex a few days ago. I thoughtI might just try to do that part out of spandex instead, cutting down on all the problems craft foam presented, but the new problems that arose came from the slippery nature of the spandex. It's hard to make straight lines and symmetrical patterns when it creeps all over the place. also need to double the spandex up to guarantee the white base mask doesn't show through the black in flash photography. I I may still try to work with it a little.

I also have a test swatch going in the other room. I bought some black liquid latex at the costume store I got my blingy grillz at yesterday. I'm testing to see if the latex bleeds a lot, and whether or not it'll handle lots of stretching. If it doesn't bleed, and I can mark the pattern directly onto the mask, I might be able to just paint it on with black liquid latex and seal it. The downside is that it'll show the two seams on the forehead I planned on covering with either spandex/craft foam, and there's a possibility of it sticking together horribly if the sealant I bought doesn't work. (It's a spray-on makeup fixer, not a silicone spray or powder)

If all else fails, I can try painting the design on with the liquid latex, and then putting ONE layer of spandex over it. I'll have a base black underneath with clean lines, so white won't show through flash, and I'll have guidelines for very straight markings when I hand-stitch the black spandex down.

Any way I look at it, it's frustratingly less than optimal and not working out the right way the first way. It's going to be very time consuming, whatever the solution is, and I can only hope the wig peices arn't the same, or this just won't get done by tomorrow afternoon. :/
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