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Ughh- A subject header I seem to use often!

I was going to work on Mayuri yesterday, and I really don't know what happened. It was like a force field was keeping me away from the craft table! It was forcing me to slack all day and read books!
I woke up super early today to have blood drawn for my two-month follow up lipid panel. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping there is some improvement there!

Today was a kind of horrible day for me and my relationship with food, but I don't really want to talk about it too much. I'm hoping to have a vetter day with it tomorrow.

Some of you may find this as a total shock, but I love books, and I love to read :P
I know you guys only hear me talk about videogames and whatever, but sometimes I read books!

I'm about halfway through the "Tales of Earthsea" short story collection. After that, I'll move on to "The Other Wind." That will be it for the Ursula LeGuin earthsea books, so I'll have to move on to somthing else. I guess I'll have to decide if I want to try hunting down more Vampire Hunter D novels or read somthing else. I never really paid much attention to Matt's bookshelves before I started lifting weights. The weights are all in the guestroom right now for lack of a better place to put them. I know I put all those books on the shelves when we moved in, and I know I noticed a few familiar titles, but didn't pay much attention any further than that. While standing in the guest room sweating and panting, though, I noticed a lot more of what was actually on the shelves.

I read the first Ringworld novel a long time ago, but dad never had any of the others, and I wasn't at all sure if I wanted to track them down. On Matt's shelves, though, is a copy of Lary Niven's "Man-Kzin Wars" XD Seriously.. I swear every day I find out something new about how well his interest compliment mine. I read Ender's Game, but I couldn't ever find a copy of "The Speaker of the Dead" down in the Valley. It's up on his shelf, though!

He's got some books I've always wanted to read, a ton of fantasy and sci-fi I'm not familiar with, and even some duplicates of books I have. He's got a much older edition of "Interview with a Vampire" than I do. Frankly, I was kind of shocked to see it on the shelves at all, since most of the stuff I've seen up there is either high fantasy, pulp fantasy/sci-fi, or comedic/spoof fantasy. I suppose you could call Interview a fantasy, but I wouldn't nessesarily lump it in with say.. Lord of the Rings.

Anyway, I also find it completely hilarious that he has a few duplicates of the same books up there. I guess when I start reading stuff off his shelf, I'll pick up a dupe first. I mean, it's got to be good if he bought it twice, right? XD


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