HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Fage: Total 0%

No, this isn't the new McDonald's brand of derrogatory homosexual labels. It's yogurt.

The cup says it's pronounced "Fay-eh," but I pronounce it "ullgghghhuch"

I've been looking into some more options for protein content in my diet. I always feel like snacking on chips/bread/etc when my macronutrient ratios are out of whack, so I thought it would help if I could find more sources of protein that I can snack on other than chicken/turkey lunch meat, etc. I've also had yogurt and skim milk string cheese sitting around, but I was a little surprised when I looked online and saw greek yogurt to be all the rage now. And it has a surprising ammount of protein!!

Unfortunately, no matter how open-minded I thought I was going into this, nothing could prepare me for what the stuff is actually like. I bought a few different brands and flavors to make sure that I wasn't just picking up some that I didn't like, and base my opinion of the stuff off one type. I got some Fage, which is supposed to be the best/most authentic/most... whatever... brand out there. I also got 2 cups of the Greek Gods brand in the Vanilla/orange/cinnamon flavor, and 2 cups of the Oikos. I heard that the stuff could be pretty harsh, and most people like to mix honey into it. So.. I figured I'd try the Greek Gods stuff first, and mix in some honey. No lies, it was weird, but it tasted like a cream cheese kolache. Very bizarre.

Today, I decided to try the Fage with some fresh cherries. The taste is very harsh. I mean, I know it's not gone bad or anything, but I really wasn't prepared for it. I thought the cherries would be a nice compliment, and would help sweeten it up a little, but nuh-uh. It's like licking sour cream. Not that there's anything wrong with sour cream. But you know how when you take a drink of a clear liquid in a cup thinking it's Sprite and it's really water? It's a total shock that results in revulsion, even when there's nothing wrong with water, and water is great. Sour cream is great too! But goddamn if I didn't load this with honey and it's still hard to swallow.

I really don't know if it's for me, but considering the protein content, I may have to try and develop a taste for it.

I'm also told that Fage 2% is super happy awesome, but the fat content of the 2% really turned me off, so I thought I'd try the Total 0% first.

I don't know.. maybe this would be better with a cup of mandarin oranges tossed in.

While eating this, though, I'm still making that face like a cat who's licked somthing nasty and can't get it off it's tongue...

I have my 2-month lipid panel tomorrow. Wish me luck. (Of course, I won't know the results for a couple of weeks afterwards.. but hey. I've dropped around 15 lbs so far. Surely that's got to ammount to somthing in the bloodwork)


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