HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Sewing machine is back

That was fast!

The repair guy was still there finishing up some other people's machines for the day when I picked mine up. I don't know if I was imagining things, but I think he was glaring at me :X

I had them replace the whole bobbin carrier assembly, in addition to the usual servicing. I think I can officially say I've spent more on repairs on this machine than what the machine actually cost. I swear it used to be 58 for servicing, and it's 78 now.

The repairman said that a few things could be causing my problems.

~Poorly wound bobbin: I've noticed this. Sometimes if the bobbin isn't smooth or tight, it messes everything up
~The moving arm becoming unthreaded
~Somthing else becoming unthreaded

He said if it's done it once on a stitch, it's going to keep doing it, so if I notice it happening, I need to stop everything, completely unthread the top part, and re-thread it.

I wish I just knew how to fix the timing on my own, so I wouldn't have to take it in anymore. Maybe I can take a class on sewing machine repair :P It really seems like such a waste to spend money on tuning/maintenance if I knew how to do it myself.

Now that it's fixed, though, it's time to look at whether or not I want to make a costume this month. I have three already started, if you count Cornelia. I really want to get around to making that PVC cape, because it'll look awesome. I should finish the new Mayuri headpeice, too.. and there's that Arche costume I started. I got the pants almost done.. but not quite done.. Ugh.

And I bought antlers and foam. That's the start of a moonkin, I swear.
Tags: sewing


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