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Long-overdue photos

I've been muddling my way through my memory card lately. I have photos on there from when Tania& I went to Expo still ^..^* I mean, I took most of the awesome cosplay photos off and uploaded them, but never really took them off the camera. Between then and now, I've got two conventions worth of costumes, a wedding, a trip to austin, in-progress shots of arshtat leading all the way up to AFest, and all sorts of weird things I've taken pictures of since then.

There's also like a million photos of Senpu. That tard is so photogenic.

Anyway.. one of my more recent photographic adventures took me to the strange and slimy world of the Kiwano, jelly melon of New Zealand. Luckily (or unluckily) I only had to go as far as my local HEB to find one. I thought for certain I'd posted about it before, but when I looked back to find the post to link to, I couldn't find it anywhere.

So, without further ado, here's the tale of the weirdest thing I've eaten recently!!

This is a Kiwano, also known as a Jelly Melon. It's orange and spikey. It totally reminds me of that hide song, LEMONed, but the thing is not purple. It feels smooth and firm, and doesn't really have a scent to it.

Kiwano/Jelly Melon

It's pretty hard on the outside, and I had to find some instructions on the internet to figure out how to eat it. First, you cut it straight down the middle. I expected it to have melon inside, like a cantelope or a honey dew. SURPISE! WTF IS THIS THING?!?!

Kiwano/Jelly Melon

Well, it turns out the part you eat is the jelly-like substance around the seeds, kind of like a pomegranate. You need to use a spoon around the outside of the shell of the melon to loosten the goop in the middle. I chose to just dump it all into a bowl. Like a pomegranate, the seeds are anchored to weird little chunks of vegetation that hang out in the middle for no reason at all. I had to separate my jelly from those, too.

Kiwano/Jelly Melon

About this time, I was really pretty curious about what it tasted like. The inside smells very similarly to a green banana, and is very unoffensive. The texture is weird as hell, though! After I finished scooping everything into a bowl, I learned that you have to eat this stuff by just scooping some out and filtering the jelly through your teeth. This is supposed to leave all the seeds outside. Kind of like a whale filtering krill through baleen. If the krill were jelly. -..-

Kiwano/Jelly Melon

This took me an hour and a half to eat!!
I feel I should also mention that while it looks like a big pile of green jello, the jelly sacs around each seed are really quite firm. I wasn't able to pop or mash them in any way.. so you couldn't just strain the seeds out or anything like that. You had to find the little hole in each and every one of the triangular jelly sacs and push the seed out with your tongue, or teeth, or suction, or really, whatever worked best at the time. And the little sacks arn't little blobby shapes, either! They were all cute little perfect triangles. Such a strange fruit...

It was very bizzare, but it wasn't a bad experience. In the future, if I ever crave it again, I will just eat a green banana.


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