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Massive cleaning efforts D:

I'm working on cleaning up some of the clutter around here. I decided to tackle the spare bedroom, because aside from the laundry and costume mess, it's probably the tidiest room in the house. (The kitchen usually wins that one, but I need to do dishes today...)

I talked to Grandma& Grandpa P a few days ago, as well as my dad. I had some questions about our computer/power/cable problems and how everything interacted, and I knew dad could help. He never answers his phone, though, so I called his parents to tell on him. I'd gotten it into my head that Grandpa P used to be an electrician, which wasn't accurate at all. He was able to help me figure out our current house problems, though, and Grandma P got a call from my dad while I was talking to them... so I told her to make him call me back. Victory is mine!

Dad pretty much confirmed everything Grandpa P had said. It's an electrical issue. We arn't getting enough juice into the house, and if I try to run more than one major appliance on the same circuit, I have problems. Soooo.. Washing machine+ AC= TV sound problems. Dishwasher+ microwave/toaster/etc= you can't hear shit. Heater kicking in= internet goes out. It's all due to not enough juice.

I know what our next major home improvement project is :/ We need to get some things fixed around here anyway, like the guest bathroom ceiling lights. I don't think we can continue to assume that our guests don't care about being able to see in the shower forever. We also need to ground a bunch of outlets, get our fusebox replaced/updated to somthing that doesn't look like it was made in the 1900s, and get more juice going into the house. We may have to putz around with the circuits or have another added or somthing as well. We need to do this within the next 10 months or so, too.

And OMFG.. while I was cleaning I found the most amazing stuff. I found some really hilarious photos of Ray& I while we were in highschool, I found a ton of photos from school of faces I remember (but I cannot remember the names...)


I found a photo of that one crazy boyfreind I had for a few weeks in highschool that told me he thought he was the highlander. You know.. the nutzo one that took me to LARP one weekend D: OH MAN

I totally cleaned out a box of crap.. which leads only 2 boxes of stuff left from when we moved in that never got unpacked! Since I couldn't remember when we moved in, it was awesome that I found the invoice from our movers when cleaning out the computer room. (9/00) So omg. 9 years with unpacked boxes! How retarded is that?

One of them had a lot of my college stuff in it, and another one has a lot of Matt's collectible knives in it. I'm not sure what to do with either. I did finally throw away my highschool AP chem workbook, though. I am never going to need to know how to make lipstick from scratch, and I don't see myself ever applying any of that stuff ever again. If I need to know anything about that during the rest of my life, that's what the internet is for. But seriously. I've done this well without needing AP chem. I loved my AP chem teacher. He was AWESOME... but I didn't go into that field because I totally suck at math/chemistry/things that make sense. I'm much better at bullshitting and English. I also learned about how great I was at bullshitting and English by getting a major in Anthropology, so hey.

One thing that is absolutely killing me is all the boxes of loose action figures we have around here. We were young and stupid, and Matt bought me anything I thought looked remotely interesting when we were dating. Man.. He seemed to like shopping back then. I wonder what happened :X lol

But anyway... Most of this stuff isn't worth anything, but I can't throw it away!! Maybe I can repaint some of the ones I'm certain won't ever appreciate in value, make really weird art out of it, and sell it on etsy. They sell all sorts of strange shit on there.


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