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Hmm...If women could be Bhuddists...

If a tree falls in the forest and there's No-one there to email you about it, do you exist?
I've never been one to laugh at another person's misfortune.. Well.. maybe once, when the Queen of Hell fell on her butt in the cafeteria.. that was damn funny... But my divine punishment was falling right after, though.. and that was damn funny, too.
In any case...What irks you the most? What is your biggest pet peeve? I think for me, it's when peopel assume they know me, or assume things about me. >..< It ticks me off, because it's somthign they never stop to ask about, but just assume. It's like assumption is this all-mighty power that they try to use to change who you are by spreading the assumption around. Well.. Let's all remember what peer pressure is and give it a pinapple up the ass. heh
You know.. I had two strange dreams last night. The first one was rather long and epic, so I'll get to what I can remember of it later.
The second was rather hilarious and weird. I dreamt that Microshaft had created a windows product that caused your crotch to spontaneously burst into flames. I don't remember what it was, but it made your crotch burn like a small bonfire. I remember sitting in the computer chair with smoke and small flames coming from my pants while I was on hold with customer service/tech support. Damn weird.. but if it makes you laugh, it's all good ^..^
The second was strange, and I don't know what induced this epic...But..
Apparently I was back in my typical post-apocalyptic world and living with my family as a type of nomadic tribal people. I remember being male again, but it was just an awareness of gender, really. There was a group of people.. enemies from the group that had power over the earth.. that had a bunch of horses with them. I'm not sure what exactly they were, but they were horses of some sort. Some were "spiritually enhanced" and they were trying to sell some of the primium ones. It was strange.. In the dream, my little sister was important. I don't have a little sister IRL, but the one I had in the dream was young.. about 7.. very petite with long straight blone hair that she kept tied back. There was somthing about her.. I think she was some sort of princess or somthing.. But I wanted to buyher one of the nicer horses even though we were just poor shepheards. (of sorts.. ) Mind you.. throughout the whole dream,there was this pervasive red and black coloration.. like the world was burnt and it was some post-technological time, but the majority of the peopel were simple. In any case, It turns out that the controlling faction was selling these horses as a lure. Most of them held some sort of special proertes to them, adn tehy were trying to lure out the princes.. I ended up as a pawn, and they stole her off. They set all the other fake horses to burn. creating this horrid sea of lava as they raced away. There was one horse-creature left unburnt and he spoke to me that I was chosen to control the wayward spirits to save her. As I looked into the flowing mass of spirits where the horses had been tethered, I saw that there were a few glowign white and seemingly unhurt.. but at the same time, they were rippling like water. when I touched them, they became absorbed by somthing I had on me.. I'm not sure if it was a peice of paper I held in my hand, or perhaps a peice of jewelry or what.. but I had about 6 or 7 of them, not including the origional one that spoke to me. Let me also say that my guide looked more like a donkey, and was very ratty, though he assured me that he was a horse-spirit thing. He was grey and shorter than the others, stockier, and had bits of white shinto tassles hanging from him. We set off to find my princess, but had to hide out in this dark smelly place.. when I looked around, I realized that I knew the place (It was basically the extended studio/garage in my parent's home) and I knew I was in a LOT of danger. My horse-spirit and I crept about to look for a way to escape. A lot happened here that I don't remember, but we eventually ended up in this cabaret place that was run by a few gay men. They made a few moves on me, but eventually ended up helpign me. Since the controlling faction was looking for me, they said I needed to dress in drag. I found it incredibly easy to pick out the right women's clothing, and then the gay man pointed out that I must be just pretendint to be male. There was a sudden realization that I was female and didn't know it. I felt a bit of loss, but my horse-spirit was there, and for once, he didn't make any smart-ass remarks... In any case.. the gay man was very excited when I asked about a color of lipstick/gloss becasue he was an avon lady of sorts with his own line of hundreds of flavored colors. I asked about a few, and I remember being sad but interested the whole time.. we went over the cantelope..and he wanted me to have the sugar-peach, but the orange would clash with the pink in my shoes.. it was really weird and gaudy.. but after a while I was able to get out of there w/3 different sticks.. and shortly after I woke up, only to go back to sleep and dream about flaming crotches.
Mako-chan, any thoughts? Perhaps my spirit-guide has finally shown itself?


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