HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Oh yeah, I did stuff yesterday!

We went up to Waxahachie and hung out with Tania at Scarborough Faire! I was totally going to dress up, but I never did finish my outfit from the last time we were talking about going, and I still haven't taken my machine in yet. Instead, I won this really cool top off ebay from this guy EVERYONE said had amazingly fast shipping. I was secretly hoping it would get in on Sat, but I didn't have my hopes up. It didn't show up in time, but it's so cool it's conceivably somthing I'd wear out if I was feeling brave. We'll see when it comes in. :X

I ate breakfast before we left, but I was running really late in getting ready (even with normal people clothes) that I didn't get a chance to cut up an apple like I wanted. When we got there, I think I had a lot higher energy levels than the last time I was there. I remember that when we get there around noon, we're always in the waaaay back of the parking lot, and I'm already sweaty and winded by the time we get to the front gates. Yesterday, I was perfectly fine. I didn't start to feel gross until we walked back across the fairegrounds and parking lot again XD I started really getting pretty hungry after the first show we watched, but Matt wasn't hungry yet, so I didn't eat. I probably should have found somthing then, but there were so many tempting bad foods on sticks. I had pretty much written the day off as a cheat day anyway if I found somthing amazing I just had to have, but by the time I was putting some serious thought into food, Matt was looking like a zombie, so we took off. We ended up getting burgers, fries& shakes at Braum's on the way home. Fast Food= bad! I got the smallest burger, didn't eat all the fries, and didn't have all the shake, and then carefully watched what I had the rest of the night. It was somthing I shouldn't have eaten, but overall, I did pretty good for the rest of the day and had an apple, a handful of sunflower seeds, and 2 cups of sugar free/fat free jello.. so after our late lunch, I really only had about about 200-250 more calories for the day. Assuming I had the most.. 250+ 300 for lunch+ a large estimate of 1300 for the burger combo, I still overate for the day XP It's bound to happen sometimes I guess, but I'm just glad I wasn't hungry all night, and snacking and having extra meals by the time I went to bed at 3AM

Edit: I got my top in! I think it's too flashy to wear out, but it looks goooood. Now I want to go back to the faire XD


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