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Continued progress

It's getting towards the end of the month, and I'm still losing. I had a very hard time this month, though. I still have another week to go, so I can't get too dejected yet. I'm looking at about 3 lbs this month, according to my scale. 4-5 if I kick it in the ass next week, really. And that'll be 10 lbs even for the two months combined. I cheated when I didn't want to, and had small victories when I wasn't expecting them, but if I can keep a steady loss, I will be happy. The numbers arn't huge, but they're macroscopically huge compared to all of last year.

I've noticed certain foods I love make me feel like crap. I mean, chocolate is wonderful, and I love chocolate so much! But the handful of hershey's kisses I had a while back left me feeling kinda gross the rest of the day. They still tasted great, though, so I find myself with a problem. There are things I love to eat that taste great that cause discomfort on a small level. The discomfort is so miniscule, though, it's hard to even relate the two together. Sure enough, though.. on the cheat days I felt physically less.. clean? I guess? than when I was able to keep it up with the fruit and veggies and lean protein. It's such a small difference, it's hard to say it's not just psychological, though. And really, I'm the kind of person to just say "fuck it" and deal with a minor annoyance in the future for instant gratification. I'm not sure it's a habit I'll ever break, really. But I can't deny the benefits I've had so far. I've had by far, many fewer days of feeling under the weather, lethargic, or having lower abdominal cramps. It's been very tricky to balance everything just right, though. Too many fats, and I'm feeling gross in the bathroom all day. Not enough carbs or fiber, and I'm left feeling hungry and wanting to binge on more carbs and more protein. Not enough protein, and even binging on carbs won't leave me satisfied.

I have a bad habit of being spotty with my daily vitamins, too. I need to do a better job of remembering to take everything all at once.. but OMG. If I don't take that fish oil right before a meal, I get these horrible fish burps!

Anyway.. I really wish the changes were more dramatic, but at least I can see progress on my weight lifting.. and my arms feel much more pumped after I'm done. You still can't see the muscles deep in the recesses of my obeisity, but I know they are there, and getting stronger. I'm very quickly outgrowing the home weight set we have here. I'm going to go out sometime one of these weeks with the Matt to try and find a folding weight bench so I can do better bench presses and squats. I won't worry about getting more plates until I run out of plates here, using everything available.

Edit: I just realized from looking at old posts that I didn't start the diet/weights combination until after my doctor's visit. I mean, I realized that part.. what I had forgotten is that I went during the second week of March. This means I have a week more than I thought I did. I'm only in the mid-point! This means I am right on track, and not doing as bad as I thought I was. :)

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