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So hot...

It's almost 80 degrees in the house now. To me, that's stiffling!
I'm really spoiled, but after living further south with no A/C, I can't live without it XP

Our A/C isn't really working right now :( The fan inside the house works, but the one outside does not. Since it's Matt's work week, and he's desperately trying to get some sleep, we called for emergency repairs. I mean, in the grand scheme of the universe, this is not an emergency. In the grand scheme of my husband not feeling like crap tonight, though, we're willing to pay the higher fees on a Sunday so he doesn't sweat all day and feel gross.

It looks like the motor has gone out on the unit. The repair guy said he didn't have one for our model on the truck, so he had to go back to the shop and see if they had one there. I really hope they do, or we're going to be without until they can get one in.. and that could be 2-3 days, I'm guessing.

The dude that came out was asking if we lost power because of the storm, etc... We had not, but it makes me wonder if the motor has run out faster than it should have due to any sort of electrical issues around the house. We've been meaning to get an electrician out to fix some stuff and update some stuff, and I hope the problems we have around here didn't contribute to the early death of that motor. The unit is fairly new.. around 4 years only. Then I think about all the hard drive fans we've had that have gone out over the years... I don't know XP

I don't like being warm, hot, or sweaty!


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