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17 April 2009 @ 11:24 pm
I went out shopping today D:  
Fashion is hard work, srsly. And I totally fail at it!

A freind wanted some company shopping, and I was able to put all my years of crying along to the poor hobos on WHAT NOT TO WEAR to work in finding awesome clothes! I realized that Clint and Stacey have a very hard job when people are stubborn. :X

I did, however, buy two nice button-down blouses in bright colors. They will go well with jeans or slacks, so yay! I looked at a skirt at Lane Byrant, but didn't like it. I really wanted to like it! It had a wide waistband with a silver accent, and the fabric was silver pinstripe.. but it was way too flowy and made my calves look like ankle-mounted papayas. No dice >:O I tried hiking it up a little higher, but I think I would have been better off with a pencil skirt or somthing. Skirts seriously arn't my thing >:(
(They did have some cute earrings and a bathrobe on sale. The robe as an absolute steal, and I was able to get a really big one that I could swim around in. Score!)

I also learned that I need to make sure I don't skimp on my military presses or my bench presses when I'm working out, because my arms are way too fat for the armholes in tailored blouses that fit everywhere else >:(