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14 April 2009 @ 06:11 pm
Haro.. WTF is it?  
I saw someone selling a Haro from Gundam Seed that opened into a calculator on one of the cosplay communities today. It reminded me.. HEY! I have a haro! I totally never watched Gundam Seed, I don't like mecha space drama things, but I couldn't help but thing strangly retarded-looking round thing was cute. The one I have was one of the first electronic ones they released, and it's a glorified alarm clock. It's sensitive to sound, the eyes light up, you can pull the legs and arms out of the body, and it makes all sorts of wacky noises.

I forgot you had to play with it to get it to make more of the "interesting" noises, though, and since I hadn't messed with it in a few years, the batteries were totally dead. I remember I got this thing on sale at an anime convention ages ago. I think it was an A-kon or somthing. I don't remember. Apparently they've come out with more, and in more colors, so this is kind of a collector's item or somthing!

I should totally sell it XD

I also have that sailor moon pegasus plush doll I paid for out the ass with my student loan job back in college. It's supposed to react to a bunch of the other sailor moon toys from that time, and he talks& flaps his wings. I should totally sell that, too! :P

Man, ebay is hard work, though, so my junk just keeps piling up over the years :P


I just remembered I had one of those silly Luna-P balls!!! HAAAAHH. It was right next to the Haro. It looks just like Chibi Usa's Luna-P, but like.. tiny :P It's about the same exact size as the Haro, actually. It opens up and there's a mirror on the top, and a place to put jewelry on the bottom. It takes 2 AA batteries, and the eyes light up when you press the ears, and it meows obnoxiously. I totally forgot about this thing!! It's motion sensitive too. It used to scare the crap out of the cat! HAHAHA