HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face


I have been doing horrible with food this week. I haven't been eating fastfood or sitting around eating pizza all day or anything, but I've been feeling terribly snacky, and I know I've eaten more calories than I should have. I need to try to do better this week, and try to stay away from the extra stuff. I did great for a month, lost weight and everything. I need to keep the energy up and not slip back into old habits just because I finally saw some progress, otherwise I'll put it all back on over the course of a few months.

There's not really much exciting in the theaters right now. The last big movie we were excited about seeing was Watchmen, and now I'm just waiting for the summer blockbusters to come out so at least one or two things worth watching hit town.

I also had a weird dream about deer antlers. I should seriously clean up those ones I got off ebay and saw the rest of the deer off of them. They are haunting my dreams!! D: Maybe if I can get the dining room cleaned up, and my sewing machine fixed once and for all, I can make somthing with them and I will stop having strange dreams about them :P (In the dream, Matt was helping me saw them and he cut off some prongs and I was upset)


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