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Food log, and Cooking Curry in a New Way (For Me)

I'll start cutting these from now on and try to do a better job of seperating stuff. This is mostly just for me, but if you're curious about what I actually eat, feel free to keep reading.

Breakfast: shredded wheat around 12:30

Snack: roughly a cup of fresh raspberries. No deadly stomach pain like yesterday. Yesterday was freakish


Snack: 2 little cups of sugar free jello chocolate pudding

Dinner: 1 orange, handful of blackberries

Last night I did have some of that curry stew, and it was delicious. I basically boiled potatoes before I started the stew and let them cool to the side. Then, stewed down two tomatoes and a large onion in about 1-2 cups of water, seasoned with two differnt curry spices, and let it simmer while I got everything else ready. Added 3 bullion cubes to the stew, and a can of black-eyed beans with the liquid and let it cook some more. I dry-rubbed some cut chicken breasts with a 3rd type of curry powder, and then browned it in a frying pan coated with a little bit of PAM. Before it was cooked completely through, I tossed all of that into the pot, too, and let it simmer for a while longer. When it was almost done, I added some large-cut chunks of green bell pepper, and cooked until the pepper was bright green, then added the potato back in. Since I didn't add much liquid in the first place, I didn't worry about thickening it. After everything was heated to simmering again, it was ready. It's slightly sweet, very savory, and there's no fat added via butter, extraneous ammounts of cooking oil, or creams in the stew. While it does have potatoes and beans, I can't eat huge portions, but it's very tasty and filling!

If you'd like to try to make it yourself, he's roughly what I used:

1 very large sweet onion
2 medium greenhouse tomatoes
3 large potatoes
4 approx 4 chicken breasts
2 cups water, roughly
1 can bush's blackeyed beans and sprouts (poured liquid in)
3 chicken bullion cubes. Can cut the water, and substitute chicken broth if you wish, then salt to taste
2 green bell peppers, chopped into large-ish 1 inch squares
2 tbs hot madras curry powder
2 tbs curry powder
5 tbs indian curry powder

Note: I use 3 different types of curry powder to get a better flavor. One is hot madras curry powder, the other is just labeled "curry", and the third is some indian curry powder that came from an asian market. You may choose to use Garam Marsala to replace one of the varieties of curry if you can get it in your area. Garam Marsala is usually sold fresh in specialty food shoppes, because I am told it doesn't keep well for extended periods of time.
Make sure at least one of your curry powder mixes has paprika in it, because paprika is awesome.

Directions: Stew down onions, tomato, water, bullion cubes until the tomatoes and onions are almost gone. While doing this, cut and dry-rub chicken, and peel, cube& boil potatoes.
Do not boil the potatoes in the stew pot, because if they get over-done, the starches can cause the stew to stick to the bottom of the pot and burn.

While that is cooking, brown the chicken in a seperate pan, then add to stew pot with the can of beans. Simmer that together for approx 20 min, then add the bell pepper and simmer until the peppers turn bright green.

Add the potato, and bring everything up to a simmer again.

Stew's done! Get a big unslotted spoon and scoop into a bowl and roll around in curry heaven!
I ate this with a big tablespoon, and the juice was so great to slurp :X

Optionally, you can choose to have some steamed rice on the side. In fact, it's probably be really awesome, but I since it has all those potatoes in there, I chose not to have rice with it to cut some starches, calories, and carbs.

OH YEAH! I suppose I should mention that this is a huge pot of food. How many will it serve? NO IDEA! I would have to guess somewhere between 6-10
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