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30 March 2009 @ 04:29 pm
Off to the gym ~~  
Of course, as usual, I don't really want to go because sweating and physical exertion is not much fun XP

But! I woke up this morning and put on all my gym clothes, so I have no excuse. I just need to put my shoes on, and head out the door.

Then, it's weights tomorrow, gym Weds, weights Thurs, gym Fri, weekend off!

Breakfast today was 1/2 cup scrambled eggs (egg beaters) with two diced links of turkey sausage, a pinch of fat free cheddar, and one slice of whole grain wheat toast.

Snack: Orange

Lunch: Romaine salad blend with tomato, carrot, a diced mozzarella stick, and a handful of chicken

Dinner: I'm going to make a thai curry stew with onion, tomato, beans, chicken, bell pepper, and potato. I stopped by the store to get some ingredients I was missing, came home, and started prepping, but I didn't have that other can of coconut milk in the cupboard that I thought I had... hmmm >:/

At least, it seems, my face is clearing up significantly. I think most of my acne problems are entirely diet related. I noticed back in the day when everyone was talking about Atkins, my face cleared up quite a bit then, too. (Cut out sugars/ice cream/processed flour/excess carbs/etc) It's gotta be the refined/processed sugars and flours that do it to me.

Anyway.. if I can knock this out today, I'll be on track for the rest of the week, and I can get back to trying to figure out WTF to eat.
Current Mood: lazylazy