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They're at it again! It's so nice outside, I opened a bunch of windows. Even though it's been months since we've had the roof done, the house still vaugly smells like nasty roof chemicals. I haven't been able to get rid of it entirely, beause I think the stench comes down through the vents and the chimney on sunny days.

It's temperate with a nice breeze right now, though, so I might be able to air out some of the house and help get rid of the stink. The bagpipes are an added bonus.

I went out grocery shopping for the week, but I may have bought too much food. This looks to be maybe 2 weeks worth of produce, but everything was on sale, and everything looked good. I picked up 4 plums.. they wern't too squishy, so I'll have to wait for them to ripen a bit.

~Tomatoes for cooking. I read a great-looking recipie online that turned a can of black eyed beans into a curry stew. I just have to add my curry powder to the beans, maybe a little more water, some tomato, onion, etc and cook. If I had thought about it, I might have bought a few potatoes and some fresh chicken to put in there. I have some chicken in the fridge that is WAY out of date, but I've been storing it on the "bad" side of the fridge, so it's frozen solid. I think it will be ok if I thaw it. I probably have a can of coconut milk in the pantry yet, and really all I'd be missing for a really great curry stew is some potatoes and maybe some bell pepper. Maybe I'll make another trip.

~cut watermelon! yum! Watermelon gives Matt heartburn, so I can't buy whole melons. I don't seem to have any freinds that like it either, but since HEB offers small plastic containers of it cut during the summer, I can still get my summer watermelon fix.

~Assorted things to make Matt's life miserable through my methane production (cauliflower, brussel sprouts, broccoli)

~oranges. Also good! I need to remember to eat 1 a day as a snack.

My proteins from the store were some sliced deli chicken breast and some cans of beans. I need to work on balancing my proteins better. I think I have a handle on my carbs, though. The only grains I'm eating come from my morning bowl of whole grain shredded wheat, and the 2-3 slices of whole grain sprouted wheat bread I have a week. I've cut out all other processed flour breads, pastas, etc. The rest of my carbs are coming from veggies. My fats are extremely low, and coming from lean meats, etc.

The downside is that I'm not very creative when it comes to eating all this stuff together, and it's more like lunch/dinner crudite plates with cottage cheese or a stick of string cheese or whatever. I've enjoyed having a bocca burger on 1 slice of bread with salad for lunch the past two days, and when I need somthing hot, I'm just letting Kashi cook for me until I adjust.

My sweet tooth has been attacking me with a vengance lately, though, so I picked up a bunch of sugar free jello cups and some sugar free/fat free pudding and yogurt. The jello is only 10 calories a cup. I was only slightly disturbed, intrigued, and mildly disgusted by the fact that I could eat the whole box of cups I bought and still sit at 120 cal. SUGAR FREE JELLO IS MADE OF UNICORNS, RAINBOWS, AND AIR!

My legs feel waaaay better today, so I'm thinking about doing a few more sets tonight on the weights. I'm planning on doing them Tues regardless, but I haven't decided if I want to get some in tonight or not. Maybe I'll do a half a set. I really don't want to kill myself on them and not be able to keep a regular schedule. The Deadlifts don't take much time, though, and I can build on more sets of other exercises as I get used to them.

Oh, out of protein powder too. Bummer.

I appologize for all the food-and-fat posts, but this journal seems like the only place where I can organize my thoughts and keep track of this stuff. I am not subjecting you guys to a serious food diary. If I decide I need one, I'll make a seperate journal or make cuts with seperate tags or somthing. Things may be evolving that way eventually, I don't know.


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