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Work-out gloves

Since I decided to cut my Curves days down to Mon/Weds/Fri, the plan has been to do some serious free-weight lifting on Tues/Thurs since Curves isn't bulking up my muscles as much as I would like. I'm not talking about being a walking bowflex commercial, but enough so that I see a bit of a strength difference, and HOPEFULLY more efficient fat burning.


We looked all over the damned place, but I couldn't find our dumbell. Matt found it for me, though, and while I asked for 100 lbs, he only put 50 on there. I'm going to have to sneak some more on later :X I'm workin' the legs! When I was fit, I could leg press 200lbs no prob! Anyway... the dumbell has that metal crosshatching where the hands go to improve grip, but it'll tear the hell out of my bare hands, so I knew I needed to find some gloves. It was really bothering me, too, because I distinctly remember spending a lot of time with a pair of gloves with a soft, thick, leather palm. I knew they would work. I had to think about this for a while, but I realized that I'd BOUGHT work out gloves before!! For cosplay!

After I tracked it down, I was laughing my ass off at the fact that I'll now be lifting weights in my Tifa gloves D: Matt got a kick out of it too. And they're so stylish! I swear at least two different people have bled on these gloves. Remember what a bitch it was to topstitch though that vinyl?!? Damn, though. They look good XD


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