HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Kiwi.. the silent killer!

My second trip to the allergist's was today. They kept talking about "The Oral Challenge," and that made me giggle. It also made me wonder what they do for people with semen allergies. (Hey, it's real) For the second skin-test, I brought a fresh kiwi, a fresh strawberry, a caper from the same jar I used with the salmon incident, some canned tuna, and an Omega-3 fish oil supplement. After the previous reports came in, I was afraid to take the supplements in case a horrible reaction was just waiting for me, so I stopped. I was also really leary about things with tuna.

The only thing I reacted to today was the histamine poke, and the kiwi. Mystery solved! I can't have kiwi!

So, it looks like canned tuna and my Omega-3's are A-ok. I'm relieved, because if I'd had problems with the fish oil supplements, I'd have to look around for a flax-based Omega-3, and I'm certain those are way more expensive. I really only take a daily multi and the Omega-3.

So hey, food log.

Breakfast: kashi whole grain cinnamon shredded wheat (I wanted a whole grain heart-healthy cereal, and this has WAY less fat than cheerios. I like honey nut cheerios :( )
Snack: 12 kashi cheddar crackers
Lunch: kashi southwest chicken somthingorother. Only 240 calories, and tastes like a chipotle chicken burrito without the extra 1000 calories attached. lawl
Snack: 2 oranges, handful of almonds
Dinner: canteloupe& cottage cheese, a few more cheese crackers. BAD! :X


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