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I also feel the need to say that the soundtrack pissed me off. :(

While I was pretty impressed, overall, by the adaptation, the soundtrack is exceptionally weak. There are SO many bad choices made of cliche'ed songs and devices that it seriously detracted from my enjoyment of the film and my immersion in it. Using a slow, uplifting song during a period of extreme violence? Check. Using Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries? Check. Granted, the Wagner peice was mentioned in the book itself, but it had nothing to do with the scene it was being tacked onto. Vietnam, helicopters, explosions, and giant blue wang.

I think it's really bad that half the soundtrack selections made me groan and think, "Did they really have to go there?" Like... Ozymandias shows up and the opening riffs of Tears for Fear's "Everybody wants to rule the world".. inappropriate, wholly unessesary and overall just WTF.

I do appreciate some of the songs specifically mentioned in the book were included in the soundtrack, but I feel that as a whole, the soundtrack was one of the weakest parts of the film.

Do you remember that part in Hellboy II where Abe& Hellboy start belting a horrible lovesong, and you're so embarassed to be in your seat, but you can't move, and it's somehow tragically hilarious and horrifying at the same time? This is 90% of the Watchmen soundtrack... Except in Hellboy II it ties directly into the plot, and with Watchmen, it just crushes the mood of damned near every scene. If I could, I'd turn off the sountrack in future viewings. Seriously.

I almost feel bad for hating this soundtrack so much, because I know somewhere, someone out there worked really hard on it.

Other than that, the only major complaints I really have about the movie is that the aging makeup on the original Silk Spectre just didn't look that great.. and I wasn't that hot with the casting choices for Silk Spectre II and Ozymandias. Also.. I really wish they would have left the Rorsharch scene where he catches the pedo muderer in tact.

For everything the movie was trying to accomplish, and how many picky fans out there they were trying to please, I see that as overall pretty good, right? :X Grrrr soundtrack


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