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I haven't been in front of the computer as much as usual lately

So it occured to me that most people didn't know that I totally left town again last weekend!
It was very exciting. Jonathan Coulton was playing in Austin, and I really just HAD to go. I bought tickets a while back without really knowing how I'd get there. When I realized that it was on Matt's week off, I knew if nothing else, he would take me. He OK'ed it right away, but I asked him if he wanted to stay home in the event I found someone else that wanted to go and would drive. So... I found Tania XD

We had a lot of fun at the concert, and I saw 6th street (for the first time, srsly) and I even got a chance to talk to the tattoo artist I was interested in working with. He's got that first weekend in April off, so I won't be getting any work done the next time I go down to Austin. I will be able to plan another trip for another time, though. I'm pretty excited about it.

Oh! I have to mention this, because it's pretty awesome. I signed up for the Paul& Storm mailing list since there would be a drawing at the end, and I'd been meaning to pick up a CD for a while now. Guess who won the drawing and a free CD?? :X

When we came back into town, Matt and I got a chance to go out and see the Watchmen movie. I was pretty shocked with how true it stayed to the source material. I mean... just look at the League of Extrordinary Gentlemen. :X It had been a while since I'd read the comic, so I only really noticed one or two things that were different than now I remembered/imagined them, and that's saying a lot for a comic--->movie translation.

Due to time constraints and flow, I'd imagine, the whole comic-within-a-comic sidestory was cut. I think that was the part that Matt really missed the most, but I saw the nessesity of cutting it for pacing and time and whatnot.

Oh man.. that movie was filled with so much man ass though! And waggling blue wang. It was hypnotizing.

If I could just geek out for a sec...This is actually more of a sewing geeking than a comic book geeking...

I was talking with J about making a better Rorschach mask that didn't have too many visible seams. I figured I'd make it in 3 panels, with a seam down the back of the head, and a seam around the top of the forehead that sloped behind the ears and under the jawline, that way the place where the most of the fabric met would be hidden under the hat, and there would be no visible seams in the front of the face. I hadn't seen anything other than small, blurry set photos, so imagine my surprise when I saw the mask up on the big screen! There were plenty of times when Rorschach's had was knocked off, and the seams on the mask were all totally how I would have done it. I was happy <3 I could totally make a few of these when I get my sewing machine fixed.

Given that the blots on the mask were CG'ed, I was a little bit puzzled about fabric choice. The background in the comic is that the mask was made with some cloth from a lady's dress using this wacky new space-aged fabric. Since it's made of this fabric that doesn't exsist, I'm not really sure I want to go with spandex like I was going to before. I've seen quite a few people use cheesecloth for it, since it's see-through. The texture of the fabric in the movie reminded me of a cheesecloth with ceiling textured spackle stuck to it. It was stretchy, but it also looked kind of coarse. I could probably go with a spandex for the back two panels and a cheesecloth for the front, with some creative application of liquid latex, or somthing similar. That way, I could maintain visibility where I wanted it, and paint over the parts I want to be opaque.

Oh yeah... I also have to finish that Mayuri costume.. The sad thing is, I honestly don't know when I'll be going to a convention again. I'm starting to think that conventioning is pretty much over for me, but I still have this creative juice I need to find an outlet for.

Food log for Yesterday:
Breakfast: glass of grapefruit juice
Late lunch: 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese, 1/2 cup canteloupe, some chicken breast lunch meat on a slice of whole grain sprouted wheat bread, no condiments or cheese
Dinner: chicken/broccoli/onion/carrot stir fry over white rice with sesame seeds. Cut the ammount of sesame oil and butter I usually use by half, and it still tasted just fine.
Snacks: handful of almonds and some more cantelope between lunch and dinner, since dinner was super late.

Today: (so far)
Breakfast:Kashi cinnamon whole grain shredded wheat thingers cereal stuff.
Snack: handful of almonds, an orange
Lunch: about 3/4 of this wacky Kashi mayan bake thing that Tania& I found at HEB. It was not as thrilling as it looked :P It was sweet and spicy and somthing tasted suspiciously fishy in the polenta, even though I didn't see fish on the ingredients list. The beans& seeds and polenta were pretty nice, though. Not that big of a fan of the plantains and sweet potatoes and that wacky spicy sauce. It was all very strange. I caved and ate a mini chocolate bar from the candy dish to get the weird taste out of my mouth :(
Dinner: An Apple and some sliced chicken breast lunch meat
Dessert: 1/2 cup of ice cream.. EPIC FAIL


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