HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

I like wine

I'm a little tipsy tonight. I've been putzing around on the internet, drinking wine, and doing some research on the internet. I've also been making a list of things I need to bring to the Allergist's for additional allergy testing.

~1 fresh kiwi
~1 fresh strawberry
~pouch tuna
~1 caper
~1 omega 3 fish oil supplement

I mean.. I've been taking the fish oil supplements, and I don't remember having any problems with them, but now I figure... might as well bring it with me, you know?

Plus, I love to just make rice and eat it with some nori and pouch tuna, so I'm going to bring some tuna fish with me. I eat it fairly frequently, but I can't remember exactly when I had it last. Maybe when I posted those photos online of my ghetto canned-tuna rolls? hah!

I wonder if I should bring some dried bonito flakes with me? Or some of my bonito stock?
Man.. half of my asian market pantry will have to get tossed if I end up reacting to it.

I think maybe it's just the salmon, but I'm thinking I should probably stay away from all fresh grilled/broiled/poached fishes. If I'm not having reactions with oils/broths/dried/canned fish.. I don't know. I'd still stay away from canned salmon. I'm never eating salmon again :X

I've also been listening to Enya and floating rather fruitily in my head since this sangria goes down so easily... I'm trying to objectively look at all my recent health problems and be a problem solver. I know whatever resolve I muster will be gone in the morning when I wander to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal, though. I mean, I'm eating very low fat, high fiber, whole grain cereals, but I should move away from that and have egg beaters and turkey sausage in the morning. I never feel like cooking when I wake up, though...

I should totally try to plan out meals for the next two weeks while I'm still drunk and motivated... but that's kind of an oxymoron since I just feel like sitting here and tripping out to Enya and staring at the intarwebz. :/

I hate that I love food so much, srsly.

Also- I need to try to get to the bottom of my current problems with my USB hub, and figure out whether or not my card reader actually works, or if it is just the USB hub. I swear this laziness is the reason I haven't posted photos from San Antonio or my new hair cut yet.

Also.. I really wish we'd taken more photos together on the trip, but I also hate how I look in the photos, and that makes me sad. I want to be in a place where I am healthy and happy with myself, and I should try to stay motivated while I look for a way to make that happen.

Edit: If you don't count the two "Also.." lines, every other paragraph starts with "I"

Damn, I'm self centered.


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