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San Antonio

We arrived safely, and everything is going well with us. Surprises for today were supposed to be: Birthday cake! Couples Massage!!

Traffic was horrible, but we still arrived around when I wanted to. Matt kept asking what the surprise later today was, so I told him about the spa trip. He was mortified. We cancelled it :( He told me I could go ahead and go and get the massage, but it didn't seem as fun going by myself. Since Matt didn't want to go, the spa was going to charge us a cancellation fee per person. I had the option of cancelling both and eating two fees, or going by myself. Since Matt was very DO NO WANT towards getting naked and rubbed down by strangers, and I was a little bummed about being by myself, I cancelled both.

They scheduled the cake for the wrong day, but after I talked to them about it, they bumped it up. The room itself is very nice, and every time someone from the hotel comes by, they bring me more alcohol. Since we said it was our anniversary, they gave us a complimentary bottle of sparkling white. When I told them I wanted the cake, I was expecting a slice of cake on a plate. They gave us a very very cute mini cake AND ANOTHER BOTTLE OF WINE! LOL

For those not keeping track, Matt doesn't drink, and I can't bear to let booze go to waste. So, he's asleep, and I'm toasted. Hahaha. I told them MAtt didn't drink and we preferred sparkling apple cider or grape juice, but apparently that's only for the thing I have planned for tomomrrow XD Oh my!

I'm going to fart around on the internet, watch some adult swim, and get lots of sleep, since tomorrow we're walking all over downtown.

I realized when we ordered room, service tonight that the fancy schmancy caesar salad had a big ol anchovie on it. That's fish!
I totally would have eaten it, but we decided it probably wasn't a good idea. I've had caesar dressing since the salmon incident, though, so I ate the salad anyway and had no problems. I wonder if I would have had problems if I'd eaten the fish. THis whole thing is so confusing. At least I have my epi pens in case I epic-fail with food anytime soon


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