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I'm so far behind it's not even funny. ^..^ Diablo II has once again sucked up my soul and all my free time. It was worse when it first came out, though... last summer, I was on the computer ALL THE TIME. All day.. all night.. forget sleep.. drink coke. heh. Now, I actually sleep and try to check on my auctions every 2 days or so. I don't win anything, but I bid on cool shit. I really just wanted to post that I figured out what episode another one of my cels came from. I have a VERY kawaii cel of Noelle glomping Yuusuke (Tenshi ni Narumon) and I figured I'd NEVER figure out where it was from.. because she does that EVERY episode.. heh. In any case.. this is actually one of the first glomps! It comes from the very beginning of Episode 2. Wai!
I also went to the Renfest today. Another year where I can't go w/my room-mate ::sniffle:: You'll go next year, or else! Finals or no finals! BAH! mwahahahahah
I need to catch up on my LJ. I've added 2 new people to my freinds list lately.. and I haven't been able to get back into the rhythm of reading posts again. Now Ihave to go waaay back to catch up.. and I feel bad skipping any posts (Unless it's a survey :P) b/c I value what my "freinds" write. I'd call them freinds, but I'm not so sure that's really PC anymore. Not to get bitter or anything, but I'm sick and tired of the whole "You're an internet person. You're not real to me. Only online. So, we're not real freinds b/c you don't exist in my real world" crap.So, Unless I know you in real life, apparently we can be nothing more than "freinds." How fun. I just love finding out my life is horribly misguided.
Lots to do.. and I'm busy showign Little Bitch Tenshi ni Narumon... I have so many cels to match with episode numbers.. must hurry! BWA!


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