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Gone for the weekend

I'm running around trying to get some last-minute stuff done around here. We're leaving for San Antonio in an hour or two, and we'll be gone until Monday. One of these days includes an exciting fancy dinner where we will dress up! I will take photos :P

It occured to me that since I found out about my fish allergy, I didn't really think through everything that entailed. I wonder if I can't have tuna fish anymore? I don't remember the last time I actually ate a bunch of tuna, and whether or not it was between my bad reaction to salmon and now. I'll have to read and learn about this.

I'm trying really hard not to forget anything. It's been so long since we've been on a trip that packing has felt more hectic than trying to remember everything for costumes at a con. We're only going to have one bag.. but I'm like.. "OMG, did I remember my dress shoes? Did I remember his clothes? Where is my hair spray? Should I bring mousse? What shirts do I wear" D: arrgghh!

Happy Birthday Matt... I baked you cookies! And while I'm not telling you jack(and you don't read my journal), I arranged for the hotel to bring you a slice of birthday cake when we get up there ;X


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