HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Allergy test today!!

Today I had an appointment with an allergist about the food problems I'd had earlier this year. (The salmon and the kiwi) We did a skin test for a panel of 30 different types of food as well as ragweed. He said that sometimes during the winter, ragweed reacts with kiwi in a weird way. I thought that was amazingly cool, but I didn't have any reaction to the ragweed :P He said that they don't have tests ready for every kind of food ever, so I go back in two weeks to test for some other stuff. I need to remember to buy a kiwi, some strawberries, and bring a caper with me, since they need me to bring in the foods I want them to test for.

I did find out some interesting stuff, though.

I am allergic to fish. Shellfish is ok, but I can't eat regular fish anymore. I had a pretty nasty reaction to the fish test. I'm a little bummed I can't eat fish anymore, because I love fish fry, fish sandwiches, whitefish with lemon& butter, etc. The worst part is the fact that now I need to be more careful about the shellfish I eat at restaurants. If they're prepared at someplace like Red Lobster, where the shellfish most likely comes in contact with fish, I could have problems with the foods I eat there. I hate that I can't eat everything under the sun already :P But I am kind of bummed that I can't have fish anymore... and that my food even coming in contact with it can cause problems. He said if I ever have a reaction like I did with the kiwi again, I need to use my epi pen and call 911 or go to the emergency room. That was kind of scary. The fact that somthing I just randomly eat can cause me to have to go to the emergency room kind of pisses me off.

I also had minor reactions to rice and eggs. He said that there could be all sorts of other factors related to those, and that I should be ok eating rice/eggs as long as I keep in mind that I had a minor reaction to it. To be honest, I've never had problems with rice in the past, but eating a lot of egg, like scrambled eggs has always made me feel kinda blah. And I thought that's just how eggs were :X I remember there was a boy named Peter in my kindergarten class that was allergic to eggs, and couldn't have them at all. When we had snack time, he couldn't have cookies or cake because they have eggs in them. He always had grahm crackers, since I guess they arn't made with eggs. Thankfully, I've never swelled up from eating things like that, so I'm not worried about the minor reaction to eggs/rice. I'ma keep eating that stuff anyway >:O

It seems like it might be a bad idea to have a large meal of just fried rice, since that's just rice and eggs XD But I've done that before too without trouble.

But still... No fish? >:O


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