HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Getting ready for this weekend

As a few of you know, my weekends have been booked lately. I've also been sick, and working on spreading deathplague to the rest of the state :( I feel like I'm at about 95% now, though, so I'm going to try hitting the gym tomorrow. I still have a few vestiges of illness rattling around my lungs and sinuses, but it gets better every day. At least I don't feel sick anymore!

Tania visited this weekend, and we did all sorts of exciting stuff. I made her watch Repo! but she stubbornly fell asleep in the middle. We also watched the first two Death Note live action movies. Apparently this summer, there's an L movie coming out about him saving the world from exploding ebola monkeys or somthing. It looks retarded, and I'm sure I'll be forced to watch that too :P

We also went shopping for a coctail dress for me so that I'd have somthing nice to wear with Matt's anniversary presents. Since we're tards, we've already exchanged gifts. (With the help of a local freind) I picked out two sport coats for him so that he'd have some options in fancy dress. He gave me a very pretty pair of dangly gold earrings with emeralds and diamond chips set into them. He picked them out because they'd match the emerald ring he gave me when we first started dating. A few years ago, I decided that it was more important to me than my silly Baylor ring, so I wear the emerald one all the time.

Dress shopping was quite horrible, and while I love hanging out with Tania, I hated looking for a dress that looked ok on me. They don't make nice, flattering dresses in fat people sizes. Once you get as big as I am, it's like you're relegated to the older ladies sections of things the mother-of-the-bride wears with way too many sequins. I found a 16 at Dillard's I was able to fit into, though. Thankfully. It's completely backless, and everything zips up through the hips no problem... so it's probably the only style in a normal person size that would fit. We did try Lane Bryant, actually... but they only had this in stock, and I decided that while they had one in a size that fit me, it was horribly unflattering and the length was all sorts of wrong.

Really, it made me very sad. I was trying to find somthing in a store that I could feel pretty wearing, and feel good about myself in. Instead, the process made me feel pretty horrible about myself and made me realize how big and fat and gross my legs really are. And I already knew they were way too big to wear cute boots!

I have roughly a week now to find some cute shoes to go with the dress I found. I also need to pick up some shaping undergarments just to make things look as good as I can. I heard the spanx stuff was pretty good, but it's retardedly expensive! The wait-to-thigh one on the lane bryant site is 72 bucks. WTF

I'll figure somthing out. Then I have to figure out hair XP


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