HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Still sick, but recovering

The worst part has been forcing myself to eat. I haven't felt like eating.. ANYTHING.. partly because of throat pain, partly because of general malaise. I've been pounding the liquids, but between the general ick and these horrible tasting medications, I've been terrified of vomiting, so I haven't really eaten much. Unfortunately, that bit me in the ass today. Since my sinuses have been draining from damned near every available orifice, I've been feeling nauseous. I know it's because too much of this stuff has drained into my stomach without any food, but it's too late to think about eating because of the nausea XP
Of course, that makes me dizzy and feel even worse :P

So I forced myself to cook a little bit, and I'm feeling better. I think I'm slowly becoming more lactose intolerant, though. You guys know that ice cream is a food group for me, but I just can't seem to handle it like I used to, even in small ammounts. This makes me really sad. I'll brave any sort of indignities to eat it, though.. so oh well :X For dinner, I steamed some broccoli with a splash of lemon juice and had some tortellini with a light marinara sauce. I couldn't taste any of it very well, but I'd like to think it was really good :X

I've been trying to give the new Buck-Tick album some more ear time so I can formulate my opinions on the work as a whole. All I've managed to do is listen to Coyote on repeat for the last half hour though :X It looks like the audio is up on youtube, so I'll link it here for people who arn't sure about purchasing the album yet.. or may not otherwise immediately be inclined to jump out and buy it.



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