HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
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Return of the Murloc



Oh man, I still feel horribly gross. I figured I'd share by talking about gross things like mucuous.
I think I'm starting to get better, since I almost feel human with all these drugs in my system... as opposed to two days ago, where I was taking all the same medications and barely felt as good as death warmed over.

My throat is seriously killing me, though. Yesterday, my nose started running like crazy. I guess my body found a miracle cure, but it was kind of sucking at packaging up the ick and getting it out. I've been taking this vile-tasting crap called mucinex because Matt says it's the best for this sort of thing. I guess it's helped. I can't really tell. I was coughing less, but I was having a hard time getting stuff out. Yesterday I gave birth to a baby green oyster, though, and since then I've been having a lot easier time breathing, but my throat has felt so raw it's painful to eat. Anything with any sort of elevated sodium content is killing my throat. It's so weird. I've never been a big salt person. I don't add tons of extra salt to everything, but I don't typically care if I get a dish in a restaurant or somthing that has a little extra.

Matt has been taking really good care of me, even though it's his work week. He's been so sweet. Yesterday he picked up extra lozenges, etc so I wouldn't run out, and brought me flowers <3
Today, he went out of his way to bring home.. CHICKEN BISCUIT If you've known me for at least a few years, you probably know by now that I love the chik-fil-a breakfast chicken biscuits, but I never wake up early enough to have them. Usually, it's a special occasion type of thing. Like "Holy crap! I have to be at the doc's at 8 AM for annual blood work. TIME FOR CHICKEN BISCUIT" kind of thing. So as retarded as it sounds, it's always a rare treat when I get them. Unfortunately, my throat was so raw today I wasn't able to appreciate it as much as normal. By the time I was halfway done, the sodium content in that thing was killing my throat :(

I just hope my throat isn't so horrible tomorrow. It's been hell trying to cough up the stuff I need to get out of my system with how painful it is.. even with lozenges, etc. Chloroseptic is soooooo gross!


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