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It feels like I am dying :/

Unfortunately, I caught whatever is going around. It sucks. This morning I felt very energetic, but my throat felt like my esophogus was lined by a wool sweater. I managed to make it ok all day until we came home from shopping and stuff. We started watching some wacky Japanese arthouse gore type movies, and I started feeling a little woozy. I don't know where the thermometer is if we have one, but I'm pretty sure this is an all out cold. In addition to the sore throat, I am no longer feeling energetic :P I'm feeling downright woozy, and have chills& fever.

I think I also gave it to the Matt. And it's his work week until Tues :( I'm also going out tomorrow to do stuff I planned to do months ago, so I need to try my best to feel human through the day. After that, I can die until next weekend :P

I had a small bout of nausea that came on unexpectedly.. then left just as unexpectedly :P Hopefully this is a 24 hour thing.. and not like that time I got sick a few years ago over Mardi Gras when I was sick for a good week and laid up in bed watching college kids drink and get naked D:

I really wish I had some of my Dad's chili soup right about now :(


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