HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Package time!

I got my box of wacky crap from Japan in today. I finally buckled and ordered a bunch of stuff from J-list. Somehow.. everything in the box is pink. I didn't intend it, and it didn't all look pink in the photos.. but it's all pink! And while it didn't look like it from the photos online... somehow it's all covered in glitter! I think this is hilarious, because I got exactly everything I ordered, and it's all what I was looking for. Somehow it didn't strike me that everything would be PINK, though.

It looks like I ordered everything before I had that exciting allergic reaction last week, too.. because I forgot I was interested in trying the tsubu tsubu kiwi pocky. I'd never tried the kiwi flavor, and now I'm wondering if it will kill me :P

I also got two new card cases in. My poor FMA one was looking really beat up, and they had some cute sakura-patterned ones on the site. I picked up two. I'm a little surprised that the metal seems lighter-weight than my current one, so I'm hoping they hold up.

Other exciting things:

Heart& Flower shaped rice ball molds- Yay! Maybe I can put filling in rice balls without them falling apart. I kind of fail at molding them by hand.

Sanrio ice cube tray- I got this because it was super cheap.. AND THE ICE CUBES ARE 3-D.
Omg.. 3-D Badtz Maru ice cubes. This is fantastic. Of course it's got like Hello Kitty and Keroppi and some monkey and that dog with a beret, but Badtz Maru!

I did pick up a few snacks, too. There's that box of kiwi pocky, a box of strawberry meltykiss, and two different types of gum. Strangely, all these packages are pink except the kiwi one :P

The best part is this wacky foot thing I got for Matt, though. It's like a little gel cusion with little spacers that go between the toes. You can use it cold or hot, and it's supposed to feel great. I'm going to try warming it up and see if he likes it. He'll probably just think it's weird. I got the sakura-printed ones because the panda& frog ones had really creepy faces on each cusion. Somehow, this thing looked clear with the flower prints on the pads.. and it's pink and filled with glitter also XD

My old safe-driving charm has long since faded from purple to white, so I got a new one with a really huge, tacky omikoshi on the bottom. I mean, technically, it's a mini-omikoshi, but this thing is double the size I thought it would be from the photos. It's hideous, and I love it.

I also finally got around to getting a new swag hook in the bathroom, and hanging this morrocan-looking candle holder from it. I bought it at the hippy shop in the mall. It's in the guest bathroom with the lime green accents, red counter, and purple walls. I'll have to take a picture for those of you who have never seen this bathroom, because it's special. The house came with it designed that way, and I would not let anyone repaint it :X


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