HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Measurement day already?

I normally get measured on Tuesdays.. but since That One Trainer is there on Tuesdays, I've changed my mind and I get measured on Mondays now. Though... when I showed up today and they couldn't find January data, they were very confused.

And so was I!

I couldn't remember getting measured at the start of the second week in Jan, but I figured.. surely I must have! Because after all ,there was no note on the computer like there always is when I do it a few days late. Looks like I forgot, though. Oh well!

The results are the same month after month anyway. Everything fluxuates up and down by 3 lbs in a normal way, and I think the fat slides around and camps in different parts of the body. Sometimes my hips gain an inch, sometimes they lose an inch.

I'm starting to restrict my food intake again. Maybe I can stay with it this time. I don't ever feel like I have a good week with food. I'm going to keep trying until I die of stress :P

I need to get my sewing machine fixed again, too. I keep forgetting, but I'm getting frustrated dumping money into this. Berninas are supposed to be good machines, and I don't feel like I'm abusing it. I don't think I'll ever buy another machine with a drop in bobbin again, though.


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