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This is somthing that has been bugging me...

When I get bananas at the story, I always get the greenest bunch I can. Part of it is because I like to get a huge bunch and get them green so they last a while. The other reason is because I really like them best when they're kinda green and not all yellow :X Every time someone find this out, though, they seem to think it's really weird. I don't know... once they get overripe, they almost start tasting like that horrible banana flavoring they put in candies. I like them better when they're kinda firm, not too mushy, no black spots on the fruit, and not the sickly sweet they get when they're way too ripe.

Poll #1343190 Bananas

How do you like your bananas?

Slightly green
Yellow with spots on the skin
In the fridge and black as midnight

PS- Not liking bananas is not an option :P I would not say they are my favorite, but I do like them every one and a while, so I still feel that this is a valid thing to waste time thinking about :P


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