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Travel plans

Today was a little bit exciting. I booked hotel in San Antonio for our wedding anniversary at what is supposed to be the best hotel on the riverwalk. Don't tell Matt, but since we're checking in on his birthday, I'm going to work with the concierge to get all sorts of exciting stuff planned. I know that I need to be the one to plan these things if they're going to happen, which (for me at least) takes a little bit of the fun and romance out of it since none of it will be a surprise for me :P But I really do hope that he enjoys himself and appreciates the planning I'm doing. And I hope that he's up for doing some of the stuff I'd really like to do. It seems when we go out on a long trip one of us ends up feeling unwell in the middle, and we scrap everything after. Unfortuantely, it can't really be helped when he gets tired at 1 pm because it's just how he's become accustomed to his work schedule. I will consider it an amazing triumph if he dresses up and goes out to dinner with me. I honestly don't think it will happen, but at least we can get room service.

Is it weird that there are so many of these little things that I wish we could do together that we've never done? I there are some things we'll never do, and I can't help but feel a little sad thinking about how the only time we'll share wine has already passed (at the wedding), or how he's really not the type for dressing up and going out to a fancy restaurant.

He's not the type for dressing up to go out to see a play, or go to a concert. He's not a big fan of museums, and he doesn't like trying new food. But I love him anyway.

It's been tricky planning things to do with someone who doesn't like to do things, but I'll let you guys know how it goes in March...

I also went to the Curves fitness seminar today. I haven't been able to go see the nutritionalist the doc wanted me to see. I thought I was going to be meeting her one-on-one, but that's apparently not how it works. I was supposed to go to a "diet class" with her, but she only schedules them once a month in Waco at 7:45 AM, and the week it falls on is ALWAYS Matt's work week. I've tried to reschedule, but I just can't make that time. Not only is it retardedly early for me, but I wouldn't have a car. So this Curves seminar was very convenient. I'm having a really hard time staying motivated. Have I mentioned that lately?
Coupled with weird dreams and hormones and all the other crap going on, I've been feeling kinda bummed lately. I've been trying to get out of the house and do stuff and NOT be bummed, but my gym schedule has really suffered.

I mean, I'm basically in it alone, and what do I do when I feel alone? I eat! whohoo! This is amazingly counter productive. But the fitness & weight management seminar I went to today was very informative. If I can do even the first 3 weeks of this, I might see the kind of results that would keep me motivated. I don't really have much else to lose at this point. If somthing doesn't change, I'm just going to end up dropping my membership in April and getting NO exercise after that. Matt tries to encourage me to keep going for my general health, but it's really hard for me to care WTF happens to myself. I mean, I've NEVER been suicidal or anything.. But I'm very blah about my own health I guess. I don't know that a change in diet can change that, but like I said. At this point, I don't have much to lose.

At the time, I was going to add to this but forgot WTF I was going to say, so I just posted:P

But I was very excited about learning the proportions of protein to carbs to fats, etc, and how that relates to portion control. It's the same thing all other diets try to teach, but they use gimmicks to do it, or it's such a far out there fad. I have a feeling it's similar to the kinds of things Weight Watchers, nutrisystem, etc use, but without the point systems or prepackaged meals. It's pretty much the fundamentals of knowing how to eat.. which is somthing I don't really know how to do. So... that part was exciting for me. I'm not sure really wtf I need to eat yet because I'm not done looking at the shopping lists and recipies, etc, but once I get a grasp of how much I need to buy per week, I might start this up and give it a shot.


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