HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Senpu update

He's still at the vet :(
They're trying to get him to just pass it on through with some special food and a lot of laxatives. So far.. he's eating, not showing any signs of distress, and crapping a lot for the vets. Unfortunately, his little presents arn't wrapped with ribbon yet. So, he's got to stay. He's probably as comfortable as he can be, being at the vets and on lots of laxatives... But I'm worried about if the stuff doesn't pass through like it's supposed to. He obviously doesn't have a linear obstruction at this moment, but if it doesn't pass on through, he could still get one. If it happens, he'll be up for X-rays/surgery/stuff :(

So, I'm hopping he has unusual and exciting poop tonight. I'm also hoping I get to sleep a little bit more easily tonight >..< 7:30AM is not a good time to finally be falling asleep


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