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My ode to Dan Quale

I cooked today... lunch, dinner, and dessert.
For lunch, I mde ranch-style eggs. This is how we did them back down by mexico. First, you take some potatoe and fry it up..then you dump some chili on top of it, and when that's heated up, you dump some scrambled eggs in there. Then, cook it all up, stick them in flour tortillas, and slap cheese on them. Tasty
Oh wait.. that was dinner.. Lunch was macaroni& cheese ^..^
For dessert, I made another berry Shortcake. No, not strawberry. I took some (very yummy) raspberries and [gently] mixed them with blackberries and sugar. Then, I made the shortcake. To top it off, you just cover the shortcake with whipped cream and the fruit mixture and add a side of ice cream (in this case, white-chocolate raspberry truffle) and it's so very good...
I wonder if cooking and filling the bellies of those around me gives me worth. Perhaps it does if I feel that it does. All I know is that when the food turns out right and people say that it's good....
I made some banners for Kiji's radioshow today. That made me feel productive. I played DiabloII on battlenet. That would have made me feel productive if I felt that it was for a worthwhile cause.. heh. Instead, I was so proud of getting past Dhurial in 2 player Nightmare mode.. damn hard...
Ah well.. My head is swimming. I'm dizzy... and I wonder...


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