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Two hospital scares in on Christmas. This has got to be a new record. :(

I had to drop Senpu off at the emergency vet today. When we opened Christmas presents, I was very careful to put all the wrapping paper, etc in a box right away so that even if we didn't throw it out, the damned cat could not get to it.

I sat down about an hour ago for some lunch, and heard some weird crunching behind me, so I turned around and yelled at the cat so I could see what he had in his mouth. He bolted, so I knew he was in somthing he wasn't supposed to be in. I couldn't find anything that he would have been chewing on, though. He settled back down and started crunching again, so I tried to catch him. He bolted, but I saw a glint of gold& red plastic ribbon in the corner of his mouth as he ran off. I chased after him to try to grab him, but he was too fast... and ran under the guest bed. I got the flashlight and saw him swallow the last bit of ribbon....

When I called the vet, they said I had to make him throw up ASAP, so I did it the only way I knew how. I fed him a shitton of tuna. It did the trick. He was so greedy that he ate it all way too fast and then puked... but there was no ribbon... so I had to rush him to the vet.

They made me drop him off and said they'd call. I brought him right away, so I was hoping they could just look down his throat and grab it, but they're probably going to have to operate. I'm thinking the peice was about 6 inches long... so if it got impacted, he would die. I'm so worried about him I was bawling the whole way home. Now I just have to sit around and wait for the vet to call

Edit: There was still no word from the vet, so I called them. Apparently they're really busy, and the vet hasn't even looked at him yet. I've been pacing around the house worried sick while I left him there at the vet scared out of his mind and unhappy, and his situation hasn't even been assessed yet. I don't know why they told me to bring him down right away. I thought it was because there would be more non-surgical options if I bright him in immediately after he'd ingested it. I'm not feeling too good about my vet right now. I just want Senpu back home... but now I'm worried that he's going to get seriously sick and not get the right treatment.

Editx2: I called back and after examination, they decided to give him a crapton of laxatives and see if they could get it to pass through the other end. Hopefully there is a gift wrapped poop tomorrow, or I'll be even more worried. If it doesn't come out that end, and he starts showing signs of distress, they'll have to operate. :(


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