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Beat Star Ocean:First Departure

Seems like forever since I actually beat a game. I can't say I conquered this one, but I think I did pretty well, all things considered. I think they did a great job porting this one over. It's got weird kind of hybrid PSX-PSP graphics, but it works. When they reworked it, they remade it to look more like Star Ocean2, and it's adorable. Cute little 2-D sprites on 3-D-ish looking backgrounds. While I'd never even played this on emulator before, it's exactly what I was hoping for in a Star Ocean game. I mean, being the first, it sets the theme for the rest of the games or whatever, but I had a sort of happy nostalgia playing it. I really enjoyed it, clunky menus and stupidly irritating battle quirks and all. (The screen stops completely and focuses where OMGSPECIALMOVE is happening, so if it's a long spell cast, just fall asleep!) Surely this was how it was for Star Ocean 2, but I guess I tuned it out :P

Despite not being very far in Tales of Vesperia at all.. and well... I still haven't conquered Tales of Symphonia yet... I don't think I'm going to start Tales of Symphonia II quite yet. I could totally go back and beat it now, but I'm thinking I'm just going to drop all those other new console games I haven't started yet and skip to P4 for now. In fact, I'm exhausted and ready for bed and I really shouldn't start it, but I'm very tempted to pop it in now and mess around.

I need to figure out if my Mom is really coming up to visit. My mother-in-law is coming up for certain, and if we're going to have 4 people in the house, I'm going to pick up our free turkey. With just 3 people, though, even the small ones are way too big.

I also have like a million icon slots, and not nearly enough icons. I need moar


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