HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Epic Left-over-thon continues!

I'm having so much fun with this ham. I'll have to get another maybe for christmas if no family visits. (Turkeys are for 4+ people in the house, kkthx)

Today It's my personal twist on quiche lorraine. It's been done to death, but I love it. It's my ham& 6-cheese quiche, yay! It took me a while to perfect it, too, since I had problems with adding water/milk/etc. I found the right balance of eggs/water/cheese to be nothing near what is in my recipie book, but I still use the recipie book to remind me WTF I'm supposed to do with mine.


All this really delicious leftover ham is awesome. I used a bunch of it to make these two quiche.. and there's still some left over.

I have some potatoes, onion, and cheese left over too.

You know what that means!

Potatoes au gratin with chunks of ham baked into it! This will be in another day or two, ham allowing. It's hard not to just snack on it all day because it turned out so good.


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