HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Mmm... soup

Day 1 of leftoverfest!

I'd saved all the huge chunks of fat and undesireable-looking ham overnight, since I didn't have my beans. I got beans today, though,a nd dumped all the ham bits& the bone in a pot and started to make soup from scratch! I'm usually all about the campbell's in a can, so this was a new and exciting adventure for me.

Basically, it has the following:

Lots of water OMG
Leftover ham gravy from yesterday
Chunks of ham from off the bone, and some of the tidier leftovers on the OTHER ham plate, because I didn't think it had enough..
A bunch of celery
A bunch of carrots
A huge onion
1 lb of great northern beans
1/2 lb of split peas
4 small to medium potatos

And probably some other stuff. I was really excited about the recipie. It's chunky and great, and it actually tastes awesome for somthing I just kind of cobbled together on the first try. Yay! I did burn a little crust to the bottom by accident, though. Even though I had it turned down, when it was on the final leg of simmering, the last minute stuff I dumped in started sticking to the bottom (done peas, done potatos. and the beans that had finally softened) Still, though, it's great!

Needless to say.. since I'm talking POUNDAGE of soup, I'll be eating this through new year's XD
Tags: cooking


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