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Oh yeah, forgot I had to go to the dentist today too...

And I got that hygenist from hell again!
I know I don't take the best care of my teeth. I really don't, but I take a LOT better care of them than I did when I was in college. I'm still paying for my poor oral hygiene, and I don't need to get lectured every time I hit the dentist about it. They really tore into Matt this time, too. Our dentist himself is awesome. He knows I'm the kind of person more likely to roll over and go to sleep than jump back out of bed if I've realized I've forgotten to brush before bedtime. He doesn't spend 20 min lecturing me about it, though. We can talk about things without me feeling like I'm the lowest scum of the Earth. That one hygenist on the other hand...

She's very sweet and nice, but that's how they hook you. Once she has you in that chair, she grows horns and a tail. I can tell you she was genuinely a nice person. Honestly. It was just that she was so rough... and caused so much pain T..T Not like the one I had before that. She asked if I was having any problems with any teeth, so I pointed out this one spot where somthing wacky just recently started happening with the filling and was bleeding when I flossed. (Though, if you talk to Satan hygenist, I just roll my face in dog poo and granulated sugar. There's no way I floss!) So, she checks it out, and once she gets to this one spot between the gums, it's kind of uncomfortable. I make a noise, so she starts digging deeper and poking harder. I start making more noises D: She says "Oh, does that bother you a little bit?" AND GOES TO TOWN >:O Man.. if I'm visibly uncomfortable to the point where my hands are shaking and my breathing gets faster, knock it off!

When she finally took off to go get the dentist to look at it, I was having a full on panic attack and almost started bawling just staring at the electric toothbrushes. I couldn't get my shit together. I can't really say that's rare for me, but I've never felt the need to start hiccuping sobs in the hygenist's chair. This is totally the evil one I saw like a year ago too. I didn't think she was still there, because I didn't get her for a long time! Now they've got some sort of thing where they track the hygenist you are with, so they can schedule you with your "favorite" one. They scheduled me with this one because it's the one Matt has been seeing. Man, she's seriously going to give me an even bigger complex about going to the dentist.

You know one of my earliest non-school related memories is sitting on a chair in a room at the dentist's office waiting on my Mom while they gave her a root canal. She had this big rectangular green thing in her mouth and couldn't move. I must have been pretty young if they had me sitting in the room (or at least across the hall? I remember being able to see the big green thing) while it happened. Childhood dental trauma ho!

Anyway.. the damage this year was pretty bad, but only because we hadn't made it out there in forever, and that's our own fault. Still, it took us nearly 3 hours to get out of there for a "routine" check up and cleaning because the hygenist had to have her way with us first. Seriously upsetting :/ I need to see if they can track down who I had BEFORE this woman, and get me her again, because I remember it being strangly one of the more pleasant check ups I'd had.

Hooray for the big rush to use up insurance for the year before it rolls over, right??


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